Vegetables, Herbs and more!

In the beginning of our running, we used to grow a nearly 20 acre garden to take to Farmers Markets. After a number of years we went to supplying local IGA's and Safeways with cucumbers and tomatoes. 

Now we have put our focus on starting certain garden varieties for you to take home and enjoy the results. 

We offer roughly 35 different varieties of tomatoes, ranging in kind and size. Everything from bushsteak, cherry, hybrid and beefsteak. We offer our tomatoes in a pack; a 3" pot; 4" pot or a 2 gallon pot. 

As well we have a selection of cucumbers, including pickling and long english. A long with nearly and and all herbs the home chef could need.

We put a lot of pride into starting the basic garden needs that our customers would have. Offering everything from purple and white cauliflower; broccoli; kale; kohlrabi; squash; pumpkins and more...

In the last few seasons we have also started to bring in a mixture of different berries type plants; such as Saskatoon; raspberries; strawberries; honey berries; grapes and rhubarb.

Want some great growing tips?

We know that at times, the thought of growing a garden and flowers can be overwhelming! Click here to find out some of the tips and advice that John
Hindle uses for his plants to thrive!

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