Bedding Plants

Growers Delight


With over 66,000 square feet of growing space, we have got everything you would ever need too make your yards beautiful!



We have been growing bedding plants for over 40 years, and have fine tuned our inventory to include the old favourites; as well as a huge selection of new varieties.

Great Selection


We try to offer a little bit of everything that will help you make your flower beds and pots look amazing!


With over 800 varieties of bedding plants; ranging from ageratum to Zinnias; you will find everything you are looking for.


We carry over 70 varieties of Marigolds; 75 Pansy and Viola varieties, and over 230 different variety of Petunias. We have upright petunias as well as 50 types of wave or trailing Petunias.


We grow 95% of all of our bedding plants on site. We begin seeding as early as January, and anything that we can seed we will. (There are a few products that have restrictions from patent laws.)

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