About Us


Who Are We?


We are a retail greenhouse operation that started over 40 years ago. We strive to provide our loyal customers with quality plants at reasonable prices. We are unique in that we still use black dirt in our soil mix. We make our own soil mix thereby controlling what is put in to our planting medium.


The Very Beginning


John got hooked on the greenhouse business when he started working at Crescent Gardens in Edmonton when he was 12. In 1976 John and Cindy bought 40 acres of land in the County of Leduc and started J & C Gardens. With one greenhouse built during the winter of 75/76 they had their first crop of bedding plants for sale in May 1976. That first structure is still used today as house #6. 

In the early years to help pay the bills, they also grew acres of cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli that they sold at farmers markets and wholesaled to Woodwards. 


Oh..How We have Grown!


During the 70 and 80’s they continued to build more greenhouses. These were built using wooden rafter made by John and his Dad. These buildings have since been replaced with aluminum greenhouses. They have learned over the years the less maintenance the better. Their clientele was growing and were now selling bedding plants from home as well as wholesaling to Sears, Safeway’s and IGA in Edmonton

By now John and Cindy had two children which made working from home more important, so Poinsettias and Easter Lilies were added to the inventory of plants grown. They also grew long English cucumbers and greenhouse tomatoes to wholesale. 

BY the mid 1990’s J & C Gardens was operating the Sears Garden Centers and expanding home sales. The last of our 23 greenhouses were built and they reached the size they are today.

About Us

Who Are We?


We have been garden experts learning and growing for 43 years!